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Athersys is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing novel and proprietary best-in-class therapies designed to extend and enhance the quality of human life.  Our focus is on the treatment of medical conditions where there is significant unmet clinical need, and we are particularly focused on developing therapies in the regenerative medicine area.

We are developing MultiStem®, a patented, adult-derived “off-the-shelf” stem cell product platform, for multiple disease indications in the areas of neurological, cardiovascular, and inflammatory and immune disease areas, as well as other indications where there is unmet medical need. We currently have six clinical stage programs – including an ongoing Phase 3 study in ischemic stroke, an ongoing Phase 2 clinical study for the treatment of damage from acute myocardial infarction, and several others.  We also have a portfolio of preclinical programs that we are advancing toward clinical stage development.

Athersys has forged a network of strategic alliances and collaborations with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as world-renowned research and clinical institutions, in the United States, Japan and Europe to further develop its platform and products.

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March 19, 2019 

Podcast: Dr. Gil Van Bokkelen on ForbesBooks Radio – 

March 19, 2019 

Podcast: Dr. Robert Mays on The Stem Cell Podcast –

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Aug 8, 2018


"Regenerative medicine has the potential to transform healthcare, enabling us to effectively treat many areas of unmet medical need where current forms of medicine are largely ineffective. This will allow us to help many patients, as well as make healthcare more cost effective."

Dr. Gil Van Bokkelen
Chairman & CEO, Athersys, Inc.


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