Business Strategy

Our fundamental goals are to create safer and more effective new therapies that can address significant unmet medical needs and to generate substantial value for our shareholders in the process.  We are committed to developing a portfolio of product development opportunities that we believe have the potential to be safer, more effective products than the current standard of care or other products in development that we are aware of, and that may have other advantages, such as superior scalability or ease of administration. By applying our distinctive technologies and capabilities, and by utilizing certain approaches to minimize development risk and costs, we believe that we achieve our goals while also being cost effective.

Our business strategy is to:

  • Develop a portfolio of therapeutic products and programs in a highly cost effective manner (as opposed to developing a single opportunity);
  • Develop “best-in-class products” that have the potential to be safer and more effective than current standard of care, and that can address substantial unmet medical needs (as opposed to developing “me too” products);
  • Partner with others, including leading research centers, clinical institutions and commercial partners to accelerate and enhance our development efforts and to enable us to be more cost effective (as opposed to trying to do everything ourselves); and
  • Apply our knowledge and experience from other programs, as well as innovative approaches we have developed, to reduce development risk, time, and cost.

We are developing the MultiStem® product platform for multiple disease indications in parallel, including indications in the cardiovascular, neurological, inflammatory and immune disease areas. The opportunities in these areas are very broad, which for a small company, can pose significant challenges. However, we are using several approaches that we believe are enabling us to cost effectively explore and develop a high quality portfolio of opportunities.