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Hardy TS Kagimoto, MD

Hardy TS Kagimoto, MD, Elected 2018

Dr. Kagimoto was elected as a Director in June 2018. Dr. Kagimoto founded HEALIOS K.K. (Tokyo Security Exchange Mothers: 4593), a biotechnology company leading the field of developing iPS cell-based products, where he serves as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President. Dr. Kagimoto is a serial entrepreneur and obsessed with the concept of curing as many patients as possible through technology. Dr. Kagimoto’s first biotech company was Aqumen Biopharmaceuticals, K.K., which he founded in 2005, and served as its Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President. Aqumen successfully launched BBG (Brilliant Blue G), which gained de-facto-standard status in the ophthalmology community, globally. He then founded Healios in 2011 with the vision to create a world-leading regenerative cell therapy company. He brought Healios public in 2015 and is currently running a Phase 2/3 trial for ischemic stroke in Japan with MultiStem cell’s immune moderation effect to reduce secondary damage from the stroke, referred to as the TREASURE trial, and running a study treating ARDS patients with MultiStem in Japan, referred to as the One-Bridge trial. Healios holds the global exclusive rights for iPS cell-based retinal pigment epithelium cell implantation from the Riken Center for Developmental Biology, which is now running world’s first clinical research using both autologous and allogeneic, HLA-matched iPS cells for wet type age-related macular degeneration. Healios also holds the global exclusive rights for organ bud technology, which mimics the generation of organ tissue, opening the door to supplement the shortage of donors of various organ transplantation. Dr. Kagimoto received his medical degree from Kyushu University, which is where he developed BBG that was commercialized through his establishment of Aqumen.

Dr. Kagimoto brings his experience of taking products from discovery through commercialization, his vision for the rapid progression of regenerative medicine products to treat disease and enrich quality of life, and his entrepreneurial and strategic expertise to the Board.